Project Hyphae

Project Hyphae

A Network of Threat Hunting Volunteers

About the Project

A Free Analysis of Your Network Environment to Expose Critical Weaknesses and Guide Remediation

Project Hyphae [hai-fee] is a research initiative powered by FRSecure and Team Ambush that aims to constantly scour public data sources in an attempt to identify critical vulnerabilities, indicators of compromise, and potential data breaches. This information will be used to notify unsuspecting entities. We’ll provide guidance and reporting for those affected about the risks associated and how to mitigate potential damage. Our goal is to help you find risks and correct them before an incident occurs! We expect nothing in return—we consider this part of our duty as security experts.

Finding Critical Vulnerabilities

What Can You Expect?

1. Critical Vulnerability Check

A scouring of your network's publicly accessible technologies to look for any critical flaws or gaps.

2. Insecure Port Exposure

A search for insecure ports, or doors where data can pass between networks and the internet.

3. Leaked Credential Sets

A hunt for any credentials within your organization that have been discovered by attackers, groups, or organizations.

4. IoC Research

A scan of your network to determine if any indicators of compromise already exist within your environment.

5. Active Attack Analysis

An exploration of any attacks that are currently being deployed against your environment.

6. Recommendations

A final discussion where our team outlines all of the vulnerabilities uncovered and suggestions for mitigation.

Oscar Minks

CTO & Project Hyphae Lead

Meet the Threat Hunters

The Team Behind the Project

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