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Iranian Cyberspies Target Thousands of Organizations with Password Spray Attacks Article Link: Requests via Facebook Messenger Lead to Hijacked Business

University of Michigan Requires Password Resets After Cyberattack Article Link: Attackers Accessed UK Military Data Through High-Security Fencing Firm’s Windows

The U.S. Justice Department announced on 8/29/2023 that the Qakbot infrastructure and botnet had been taken down by an international law-enforcement

In recent times, cybersecurity threats have become increasingly complex and multifaceted. One notable development is the rise of Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) platforms,

**Note: In observance of Labor Day, there will not be any Security News published for the week of September 4th –

‘Play’ Ransomware Group Targeting MSPs Worldwide in New Campaign Article Link: Don’t Just Patch Your Citrix Gear, Check for Intrusion:

UPDATE 8/21/2023 As is noted in this article, the need to threat-hunt remains after patching. An estimated 2000 Citrix Netscalers have

Ransomware Attacks Cost Manufacturing Sector $46 Billion in Downtime Since 2018, Report Claims Article Link: Colorado Department of Higher Education

Horizon3 researchers have discovered a new flaw with PaperCut NG/MF print management software, currently tracked as CVE-2023-39143. The vulnerability does not

Hackers Abusing Windows Search Feature to Install Remote Access Trojans Article Link: Why API Attacks are Increasing and How to

The “Nitrogen” ransomware campaign, a new malicious scheme identified by Sophos, targets IT professionals by using fake advertisements for popular IT

Former Contractor Accused of Remotely Accessing Town’s Water Treatment Facility Article Link: Rogue Azure AD Guests Can Steal Data via

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