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East Texas Hospital Network Can’t Receive Ambulances Because of Potential Cybersecurity Incident Article Link: Canadian Government Discloses Data Breach After

PJ&A Says Cyberattack Exposed Data of Nearly 9 Million Patients Article Link: Google Workspace Weaknesses Allow Plaintext Password Theft Article

McLaren Health Care says data breach impacted 2.2 million people Article Link: Microsoft extends Windows Server 2012 ESUs to October

On October 27, 2023, Apache announced CVE-2023-46604, a critical Remote Code Execution vulnerability that could allow an attacker to run arbitrary

American Airlines Pilot Union Hit by Ransomware Attack Article Link: Cybersecurity Workforce Shortages: 67% Report People Deficits Article Link:

A significant security breach has been identified in Atlassian’s Confluence Data Center and Server platforms, known as CVE-2023-22518, an improper authorization

Octo Tempest Group Threatens Physical Violence as Social Engineering Tactic Article Link: Hackers Email Stolen Student Data to Parents of

Threat Actors Breached Okta Support System and Stole Customers’ Data Article Link: Kwik Trip Finally Confirms Cyberattack was Behind Ongoing

A recently patched Citrix NetScaler bug (CVE-2023-4966, CVS score 9.4) is under active attack, and has been for at least two months.

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