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ClamAV Gets a Check-Up: Cisco Patches Critical Vulnerability to Keep Crustaceans Safe

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Cisco has released security updates to address a severe vulnerability that affects the ClamAV open source antivirus engine, which could lead to remote code execution on vulnerable devices. The flaw resides in the HFS+ file parser component and is tracked as CVE-2023-20032. Versions 1.0.0 and earlier, 0.105.1 and earlier, and 0.103.7 and earlier are affected. Successful exploitation of the weakness could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code with the same privileges as that of the ClamAV scanning process, or crash the process, leading to a denial-of-service (DoS) condition. Cisco has also addressed a remote information leak vulnerability in ClamAV’s DMG file parser (CVE-2023-20052), which could be exploited by an unauthenticated, remote attacker. Cisco recommends that customers upgrade to ClamAV versions 0.103.8, 0.105.2, and 1.0.1 to address both vulnerabilities.

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