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ConnectWise R1Soft becomes a soft target

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On Oct. 28 ConnectWise released a critical security patch for a vulnerability that effects its R1Soft Server Backup Manager (SBM) and ConnectWise Recover v2.97 and earlier. The vulnerability could allow an attacker to access sensitive data or perform remote code execution. Hopefully you don’t have these exposed to the internet, but if you do – work to get that behind a VPN or similar.

While ConnectWise Recover SBMs were automatically updated, you need to upgrade the server backup manager to SBM v6.16.4. There is guidance on how to do this in the ConnectWise security bulletin posted below.

And speaking of backups, you have offline copies of those, right? Its crucial that you protect and have copies of your critical data and applications in a cyber incident, like ransomware.


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